Our Story

Women with different sizes and shapes

We believe that every woman physician has a story of strength and resilience to share. Take Dr. Sarah, for example. After going through a difficult divorce, she found herself struggling to refill her investment accounts. But she refused to give up on her dreams and her passion for medicine.

Dr. Sarah knew she needed to take control of her finances and negotiate for better pay at work. So, she started by focusing on the things she could control, like creating a spending plan and learning how to invest. Then, she approached her employer with a clear plan for how she could contribute more to the mission of her practice and asked for a raise.

To her surprise, her employer not only gave her the raise she asked for but also recognized her work by offering her a leadership role within the practice. Dr. Sarah's negotiation skills not only improved her financial situation but also opened up new opportunities for her career.


We share Dr. Sarah's story not only to inspire other women physicians but also to highlight the importance of remembering just how powerful we are.  At SocksyDoc, we believe that our socks can be a powerful way to help you feel confident and empowered, whether you're negotiating for a raise or simply taking care of yourself.

So, whether you're just starting out in your career or you're a seasoned pro, we're here to support you every step of the way. Shop SocksyDoc now and take your first step towards feeling confident, comfortable, and in control.

To your empowerment 

Dr Latifat & The SockyDoc crew.